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I know it's been said ad nauseum, but people keep making these movies and so I'm forced to say it again... this was old even when XiaoXiao was at the top of the portal, and it's just as old now.


Next time let me know when you use my music in a flash; I'll make sure to come vote it up. =D

"To be continued"

Not if I can do anything about it...

Chase1336 responds:

You probaly are right im not going to make a 2nd cuz no one likes it

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Great concept, but the execution could use a reboo

This is an interesting game mechanic and the game has a wonderful aesthetic. That said, if the game is supposed to be about clouds, I want to see some clouds -- drift and billow and all -- and not some white beads. Of course it makes the puzzles a little less precise and a little more to do with timing and so forth, but I think it's worth rethinking the dynamic a little. At one extreme, you'd have a pure strategy game where pressing the arrows would move the cloud by exactly one block; since you've rejected this (and rightly so), it would definitely be worthwhile to make the clouds just a little more cloudlike.

Interesting concept, but not well fleshed out.

A high-concept minimalist game like this depends very heavily on everything fitting together perfectly -- if you do everything right, you get Pacman or Super Mario Brothers or Final Fantasy 6, but if you do anything wrong you get something annoying and unplayable. The idea of accumulating birds for perfect play works well, the art is nice, and the music isn't awful, but the basic platforming mechanic really doesn't do much for me.

Despite my negative rating, I'd really like to see you keep trying. Next time, though, remember to keep working on the gameplay after you've already got the art and music perfected -- or, ideally, build a game that's fun to play without them and then layer the rest of it on afterwards. Otherwise, you're really just making an animated cartoon with an annoying interface for the viewers.

Interesting concept, but could use some fleshing o

This game reminds me of Andrew Plotkin's "Shade," and unfortunately compares unfavorably with it, which might bias me somewhat. The first time through I smashed through the wall before getting the barcode reader, and wound up stuck. I did manage to see the ending coming nearly immediately, though. These kinds of games don't take as much technical prowess to execute, so you've got time to spend really writing the story in the same way you'd write a poem or short story. I'd like to see you spend some more time on a project -- I'd be excited to see the results.

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Needs improvement

You take way too long to get to the point, and when the melody comes in it doesn't quite work. The dissonances are interesting, though, so there's definitely potential here.


It's not perfect, but it's currently rated 0.61/5 which is ridiculous. I gave you a five to balance it out.

This definitely shouldn't be rated so low...

Sounds good.

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